понедельник, 11 июля 2011 г.


Hello =) This is my first post here
I started this blog to write about my life ... There will be a lot about gyaru, and my becoming and current status as a gaijin gyaru!

P.S you can find me on tumblr http://doresencute.tumblr.com/ (This is a blog about gyaru fashion. =3 )

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  1. Welcome to blogger world! I hope you'll enjoy visiting lots of blogs :P
    Good luck with yours! ;D

  2. Hello ^o^
    Good luck with your blog. <3
    I follow you :3

  3. Mikirin and CandyDoll thank you very much for visiting my blog^^
    and for the nice comments =3
    good to see you in my blog =)
    Mikirin~ and CandyDoll you have very kawaii blogs! =^___^=

  4. welcome to the blogger world. hope you have lots of fun blogging about your adventures! :)