вторник, 7 мая 2013 г.

May new gets

Hi, how are you?
Time for a new post, finally I was able to get to my blog and write a post. I want to share with you my new purchases from Etude House

 I really like the new series Etude House Sweet Retsipe (I think you know what I mean), it is really very tasty;)

After much deliberation, I decided to try Etude House Baby Choux Base
And cute Cupcake All Over Color
I just could not resist the etude house shini star lip balm (I bought the last one),
So soon I will blog my reviews of all these purchases.
This will be my first reviews, if all goes well then hopefully not the last (^O^)/

PS I want to say a big thank you Bee Apple that nominated me for a versatile blog award.
I was shocked when I read her comment. I could not believe that such a beautiful Hime gyaru liked my blog.
 Thank you so much (^ε^)

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  1. I buy some things from these collection.
    Are really cut.

  2. Omigosh, I can't wait for the cupcake all over colour review! ^__^

    By the way - I've nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog. If you could answer my questions, that'd be awesome! ^__^

  3. nice blog.follow you!

    pls follow me :33


  4. omg I always wanted to buy the primer from this collection! ^0^*
    I'm really looking forward to your reviews! :3
    btw, you looks so adorable *____* I love LOVE your style and hair so much! ♡♡


  5. Really great blog ^.^
    I've wanted to buy stuff from this collection it's soooo pretty c:
    Can't wait to see the reviews ^.^
    You're sooooooo prettty by the way :) I wish my hair were long like yours ;-;
    Write those reviews soon! hehe

    (check out my blog and follow, maybe? c:)

  6. Aww nice stuffs! ^___^ Your blog is so lovely and inspirative ♥ I follow you now~

  7. you got some sweet items *jealous*! i really like your blog btw, i am you new follower ;3

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